Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I don't know about anyone else, but if i have an absolute hatred for that bastard Pogues song and although i have a secret soft spot for Slade's festive staple ( IT'S CHRIIISSSSTMMASS!) there's only so many times you can listen to the same 25 standard Christmas records. So (and i realise any credibility we may of once had may now be lost) here's Jocko's Xmas mix! It ranges from 60's Soul, Gospel and reggae, 30's carols and couple of contemporary re-rubs of old classics. It features not 1 but 2 cuts from Phil Spector's 'A Christmas gift for you' THE number one festive album of all time, if you haven't heard it, I'd really recommend it..

Nina Simone- Little girl blue
Ray Charles & Betty Carter- Baby it's cold outside
Ella Fitzgerald- White Christmas
Elisabeth Schumann- Coventry carol
Bobb B Sox & The Blue Jeans- Bells of St. Mary
Pastor T.L. Barrett and Youth Christ Choir- Jingle Bells
The Ronettes- Frosty the snowman
Billie Holiday- I've got my love to keep me warm (Yesking remix)
Wain Nelson- Santa Claus
The Cimarons- Silent night
Louis Armstrong- What a wonderful world (Orb remix)
Judy Garland- Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Jocko Djs are playing a couple of key dates over the Xmas season, firstly is our joint party with our friends Chicks Dig Jerks on Boxing day at The Victoria. Expect mixed up party sounds from the Chicks downstairs and drunken Jockos and Homos upstairs playing a seasonal selection. The lovely Jim will be guesting with us also. (Free entry)
New Years Eve is the intimate Hare and Hounds in King's Heath with Habit, Chicks Dig Jerks and a whole host of other people, regular Hott Date goers please buy tickets in advance as we've been infomed this event always sells out between xmas and new year. (£10 Adv tics)

Merry Christmas and happy new year from the Jocko Crew


Friday, 10 December 2010

The Bombers

Oh my this record is a prized possession after my mate Jib spent 6 years talking this record up. I had to own it. This was back in the day when the only way to hear it was to have it on vinyl. I finally found it in a record shop in Brazil of all places. It was worth the wait. Originally performed by a British 60's rock band Babe Ruth, this cover more than does it justice...... The breakdown at 6 mins is sensational......

The Mexican


A certain Ratio

Today i'm feeling all post punk so thought i might share this with you....

Knife Slits Water


Monday, 6 December 2010


This is a run down of my favourite albums of the year, in some kind of order. I didn't think 2010 was the best- but looking back there was some amazing stuff! x J

1.Warpaint- The Fool

2.Lone lady- Nerve Up

3.The Fall- Your Future Our Clutter

4.Foals- Total Life Forever
5.Beach House- Teen Dream
6.Everything Everything- Man Alive

7.These New Puritans- Hidden
8.LCD Soundsystem- This Is Happening
9.Lone- Emerald Fantasy Tracks

10.Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest
11.Liars- Sisterworld

12.Ass- Salt Marsh

13.Yeasayer- Odd Blood
14.Caribou- Swim

15.Factory Floor- Untitled
16.Toro Y Moi- Causers Of This
17.Laura Marling- I Speak Because I Can
18.Love Is All- Two Thousand And Ten Injuries

19.JJ- No.3

20.Brian Eno- Small Craft On A Milk Sea

Thursday, 25 November 2010


There's a mix i put together for LIP available to listen to/download at Soundcloud. Lip is the new mid-weeker in Brum. It's about time Birmingham got a credible indie clubnight, we play alt classics and the latest cutting independant music. LIP puts on live acts every week, this week's guests are..

Check out the single 'Millions', a lovely little slice of indie-pop.

Wonderful, melodic and romantic downtempo grooves and vocals.

Both worth checking out!

Kindness-Swinging Party
Two Door Cinema Club- Something good can work (Twelves mix)
The Jellies- Jive baby on a Saturday night
A Hundred in the Hand- Dressed in Dresdon
Friendly Fires- Jump in the pool (Wild Geese mix)
Sonic Youth- Dirty Boots
Foals- Blue blood
The XX- Crystalized (Rory Phillips mix)
Factory Floor- Wooden box
The Ramones- Blitzkreig bob
Zebra And Snake- Modern Art
Sparrow and the Workshop- Black to red
Gloria Jones- Tainted love
The Turtles- Happy Together
In Flagranti- Reputation or notoriety
Monarchy- Love get out of my way (Holy Ghost mix)
Daft Punk- Around the world (Drop out city rockers mix)
Talking Heads- Psycho Killer (Jonny Homo edit)
Gang Of Four- Not great men
Kraftwerk- The Model
Yeah Yeah Yeah's- Heads will roll (A Track dub)
(B52's- Love Shack vocal sample)
The Pixies- Broken face
The Parsonage- Love will tear us apart

Monday, 15 November 2010


Thanks s much to all of the zombies/witches/trannies/general freaks who came down to our 'Spook up 54' Halloween party, we were so impressed with your outfits, collective pat on the back!

Hot on the heels of that we have our November party, on Saturday 27th November were pleased to anounce we have Paul Kaminski from Discomendments playing for us. Discomendments have been splicing and dicing many old gems for a while, putting together many fine re-edits spanning lots of genres of music. They also have a burning passion for all things DISCO, which makes them big friends of ours. They've been recently signed to Pete Herbert's Maxi disc label where they've just dropped one of their own original tracks..

Here's a couple of Jocko's favorite edits of theirs to give you a flavour of what to expect.. Check out Juno's website for their latest chart and 12"/download..

Garden of love

Do it dub

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


There seems to be so much Halloween inspired music, but how much of it is genuienly scary? This is a little mix i put together of music from the DARK side. I mixed it late last night and half spooked myself out whilst making it! It features haunted piano music, horrid drum and bass and creepy vocals. ''YOU WONT LIKE IT, SUGAR''..

Dave Sheppard- A somewhat distorted view
Astrobotnia- Satan is good
This Immortal Coil- Tattooed man
Nina Simone- I put a spell on you
Michael Jackson- Thriller (sample)
Bizzy B & Equinox- Merda style 2004
Aphex Twin- Cock/ver10
Whitehouse- I'm commin' up your ass
Sonic Youth- Death valley '69
Leadbelly- Yellow woman's doorbells
Theme from Halloween
CoCo Rosie- Armageddon

Monday, 25 October 2010

Antony & The Johnsons

A return to Form for Antony, his new album is more focussed and wonderfull, go check it x

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Here's a little edit i've done of the Major lance song 'It's the beat' from 1962. The repetitive, hypnotic fuzzy guitar riff that goes throughout the track was really ahead of the time and still sounds dancefloor today- The lyrics perfectly describe the feel of song! The U.S. record was a big hit on the Northern soul scene and a particular favourite at Manchester's Twisted Wheel club. Ive done very little to the track, just added some extra beats, lengthened it, and extended the looped mid section (yes those loops are on the original!)

Major Lance- It's the beat (Jocko edit)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I guess it was only a matter of time.. Party faves Daft Punk just don't sit in disco sets.. whereas a few years ago DJs were dropping their tracks all over.. So I've come across two records that sample, arguably, the world's most famous robots and remake them in a disco-styleee. First up is the awesome Social disco club, who have had a couple of records out that have been played alot at JOCKO HOMO, taking on 'One more time.' Secondly is a track by Drop out city rockers, it features a live bass remake of the classic line from 'Around the world' With extra vocoder and strings. Perfect for your disco, just don't tell everyone about them, these are a couple of my secret weapons!

Daft Funk

International Track

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Pete and Jonny have put a special full length, full throttle mix together for your listening delight. We've tried to encapsulate the kind of set you might hear at one of the JOCKO HOMO clubnights within the space of 60 minutes. PLAY LOUD x

1.Prince- Sign O' The Times
2.INXS- Need you tonight (loop)
3.Dillinger- Funky Punk (acapella)
4.George Kranz- Din da da
5.Crystal Castles- Empathy (loop)
6.The Cure- Let's go to bed (edit)
7.Pete Herbert- Yo drums
8.E.L.O- Don't bring me down
9.Amerie- 1 thing (instrumental)
10.Cassie- Me & You (Pete Jocko edit)
11.Drums Of Death- Breathe (loop)
12.Curtis McClain- Let's get busy
13.Runaway- Brooklin club jam (Lsb re-edit)
14.FCL- More than seven (Dub)
15.Fleetwood Mac- Dreams (Jonny Homo edit)
16.Neurotic Drum band- Robotic Hypnotic Adventure (Abe Duque mix)
17.Aretha Franklin- Rocksteady
18.Forepost Poets- Moonraker (Spencer Parker mix)
19.A Guy Called Gerald- Voodoo ray (loop)
20.The Cramps- Garbageman
21.Round table Knights- Caylpso
22.The Temptations- Papa was a Rolling stone (Jonny Homo edit)
23.Plasticman- Spastik
24.Shangri La's- Set me free
25.Allez Allez- Defeatest
26.Saints & Sinners- Pushin' too hard (Nic Fanciulli mix)
27.First Choice- Let no man put assunder (accapella)
28.Man 2 Man- Male stripper (loop)
29.Sparks- Beat the clock
30.Jackie Moore- This time baby

..Hecker-Hyperbolic cosine yea II
..Johnny Cash- Get rhythm

(Tracks 1-14 Pete, 15-30 Jonny)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tim Sweeney's Flying Squad!

As I was sifting through my records recently, I came across the first Rvng of the nrds 12" that I picked up a while ago. It has two of Jocko Homo's favourite disco tracks re-edited by Tim Sweeney, better known for his beats in space radio show, under the moniker of the Flying Squad. 'Trip 1' deals with Munich Machine's 'Get on the funk train' and 'Trip 2' re-works Boney M's 'Nightflight to Venus'.
Trip 1

Trip 2

Ripped from vinyl for your listening pleasure, enjoy!

PJ x


You can almost forget about sexism, homophobia and child abuse when there's punk-funk grooves this good. Praise the big man all together now, HE'S THE POPE!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Morrissey's favourite albums

The Quietus website has put up an article detailing Morrissey's top 13 l.p.s of all time..apparently with the sleeves scanned in by Mozza himself (this i find hard to believe, can you actually imagine Morrissey spending hours scanning?!) There's some pretty obvious choices- acts like Patti Smith, Velvet underground and Roxy music would appear in many people's favourite records, awell as some more obscure albums. Worth checking out!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

(Un)Easy Listening Mix

Jocko Homo's original intent was to showcase not only the losing your mind on the dancefloor material but also the dustier sides of our record collections; the 'music that doesn't add up.' This is a 50 minute home listening/headphones mix i've put together. It features a range of experimental/electronic music from 1975-2010;industialists Throbbing Gristle to electronic pioneer Brian Eno's early solo material, via ambient Acid house, mutant disco, Post-punk and modern day electronica.

Boards of canada- Seven Forty Seven (edit)
Akufen- Even white horizons
Radiohead- Reckoner (James Holden remix)
P.I.L.- Careering
Throbbing Gristle- Hot on the heels of love
Mr. Fingers- Can you feel it (instrumental)
To Rococo Rot- Cars
Basic Channel- I
Squarepusher- Iambic 5 poetry
Brian Eno- Golden hours
Young Marble Giants- N.I.T.A.
The MFA- The difference it makes (Superpitcher mix)
John Carpenter- The End (Disco version)
The Residents- Diskomo
Gui Boratto- Beautiful Life (edit)
The Parsonage- Love will tear us apart

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Early House

I'm putting together a mix at the moment and started playing some old house records, I love the raw energy of the first wave of house music; analogue synth sounds, primitave drum machines, hypnotic loops. Here's a couple of my favourites from that time, both of them still sounding as fresh and as relevant as ever..

Fast Eddie- Acid Thunder

Rythim is rythim- The Dance

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shocking Re-Edit

This is a re-edit I did of Love Buzz by Shocking Blue. Not wanting to tamper too much with an already great track, I just made it a little bit more DJ friendly. Buzz Re-work.mp3

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Hey, here's a little DJ tool/edit that i made of 'Get back' by a certain liverpudlian four piece..

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

July Resident Mini Mix 01

Pete drops a 20 minute mini mix as a taster for JOCKO HOMO this friday at the Victoria Pub in Birmingham.

1. Betsy Smell (Intro)
2. DJ Harvey- SE
3. How do I love thee (Instrumental)
4. K7- Come Baby Come (Edit)
5. Get To My Baby (TBD Extension)
6. Reade Truth- Let's Go To Heaven
7. Vienna Boy's Choir- Burning Down The House
8. Fleetwood Mac- Tusk (Edit)
9. James Curd- We Just Won't Stop (Edit)
10. Theoretical Girls- US Millie
11. Betty Botox- Is It S'ex Yr After
12. FCL- Let's Go
13. In Flagranti- Clash Torn
14. Glimmer Twins- Physical
15. In Flagranti- Low Dose Virility (Edit)
16. Betsy Smell (Outro)

Enjoy x PJ

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Golden Trash Garden Party Mini Mix

Only a few days until JOCKO HOMO launches it's first garden party of the summer in the great beer garden at the Red Lion Pub, Jewellery Quarter. To get us in the mood, the guys at Golden Trash have done an excellent mini mix for us...

Check out the event below and add the group for future dates... x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Ollie's Jocko Garden Party Warm Up

Just a little minimix to get you into that summer vibe ready for the Jocko Homo Garden Party on Saturday 1st May @ The Red Lion in the Jewellery Quarter. Believe me when i say there isn't many outside spaces left in Birmingham that hasn't had a noise abatement order slapped on it. Lets make the most of it.........

1. Motorbass - Flying Fingers
2. C2C4 - Specimen 4
3. JTC - King Of The Box
4. 6th Borough Project - Planets (The revenge Lost Groove)
5. Tiger & Woods - Gin Nation
6. Cassius - 1999 (Tim Green Mix)
7. The Swiss - Bubble Bath
8. Don Armando's Seventh Avenue Rhumba Band - I'm An Indian Too (Pilooski Edit)


Saturday, 24 April 2010


For anyone not in the know, Optimo is a club night that has been running successfully for the last 12 and a half years in Glasgow. Ran by JG Wilkes & JD Twitch, they have introduced some of the biggest, the weirdest & most wonderful bands of the past and present to an adoring Glaswegian crowd. The music policy has always been eclectic and wherever it has been possible, I've scoured the playlists for music, which over the years has influenced and introduced me and Johnny to a lot of different music.

With regret we have never being able to make the trip up to Scotland to experience the night for ourselves. So have instead relied on seeing the guys DJ'n in London and listening to the various podcasts they have put on the internet over the years.

With the last Optimo being held this sunday in Glasgow, I have posted a great live mix by JD Twitch recorded at the club in 2009. Enjoy...x

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Whilst were on a re-edit tip..
Pat Les Stache is a DJ/producer who came to my attention with his Cabana Disco re-edit records, plucking out some really forgotten gems and giving them a new lease of life. On his Blog, American Athlete, he shares his love of all things disco. Recently there has been alot of really nice afrobeat and latin funk tracks going up too.

Lucily for you guys his put up his re-edit collection up on his blog. Here's a couple of my favorites. Check out the page for more and keep a look out for his 12"s.

Pasta E Fagioli (Pat Les Stache re-edit)

We Are The Africans (Pat Les Stache re-edit)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Pronounced Gay Marveen, this anonymous producer descends from Detroit and describes himself as a creepy, campy, shadowy hedonist.

Over the last couple of years I have been collecting his edits which were first released under 'Secret mixes &; Fixes' and more recently under Gay Marvin. The former includes some great re-edits of Tom Tom Club, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Duran Duran & The Slits.
The later taking more of a camp disco route which includes re-edits of Grace Jones, Sylvester, Shalamar and Divine.

The re-edits are only released on limited vinyl runs, so many an hour has been spent on discogs getting them in from all over the shop!

Thanks to the joys of a USB turntable, I have ripped two tracks by Tom Tom Club and Shamalar for your listening pleasure, enjoy...


A few people have still been asking about the name... Here's a live version of JOCKO HOMO by the almighty Devo. x

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Here's the second mix from The Jocko crew, from resident Jonny. This time it shows us in a more housey vein, working in a few little post punk and 80's numbers, enjoy. See you Saturday xx

Metronomy- Do the right thing (Wild Geese remix)
Lone Lady- Nerve up (Jocko Homo edit)
House of House- Rushing to paradise
In Flagranti- It's all rubbish
Eurythmics- Love is a stranger
Scott Grooves feat. Parliament- Mothership reconnection
Dub Boy- Tigerflower
Jimpster- Sleeper
Talking Heads- Girlfriend is better
Yello- The Race (Derek May remix)
Spencer Parker- Never stop the action
Benny Rodrigues- Woest
Love- Everybody's gotta live (wonky)

Easter Egging...

For those lucky enough to have good friday off work, there is only one place to be on thursday night and that is the mighty FACE Easter Party at the Rainbow Pub. Rumour has it, that at 2.30am, you'll be getting an 'easter egging' in one form or another!

After two previous DJ Sets at FACE, Jocko Homo DJ's return to man the decks with residents Scott & Elliot. This will be a big night and fancy dress is encouraged so I hope to see a front row of chickens and some funky eggs!

I've posted two tracks below, that have gone off for us at FACE in the past without fail, enjoy and hope to see you there! Crazy P- Stop Space Return (Unabo.m4a DJ T- Bateria.m4a

P.S. Don't forget that its only three days until JOCKO HOMO kicks off at the Red Lion Pub in the Jewellery Quarter. Check out the facebook group page for all the info. We are all getting excited and hope you are too... x

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Tantra - A place called tarot (Idjut Boys Edit)

Here is a divine slice of Italian disco from 1982 with the Idjut Boys on re edit duties. Although the original 12" mix is near perfect i do think they have done a fine job of adding some modern day club grunt. This re edit was released on the very fine turk label in 2004. ENJOY.... - Tantra - A Place Called Tarot.mp3

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Resident mix

Jocko Homo resident Pete drops his first mix for the Jocko Homo blog. Its a lovely mixed affair, taking in house, disco and punkfunk, going via some 60's classics and 00's futuristic r'n'b. BIG, check it out xx J

Woolfy- The Growler
Breakout- Planet Rock Beats
Crazy P- Mary
Cultural Vibe- Ma Foom Bey
Loose Joints- Tell You (Edit)
Noze- Fever
Kanye West- Champion (Edit)
Liquid Liquid Vs Silver Apples- Optimo/Oscillations
Jonny Wakelin- In Zaire (Edit)
Autechre- Ken-el
The Turtles- So Happy
The Velvet Underground- I'm Waiting for the man
R Kelly- Ignition (Edit)
Cassie- Me & U (Edit)
Wade Nichols- Abracabaro

Just over a week now until JOCKO HOMO launches its first night at the Red Lion pub in the Jewellery quarter, Birmingham. We cant wait and hope you feel the same way too- if your not a friend already, add us on facebook for updates and future events.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

New Manchester

I was in Manchester this weekend and i have to admit i get very jelous of the music scene there whenever i go. Whether that be it's rich musical past, the record shops, the gigs or just not feeling part of it when everyone's singing their hearts out to 'There is a light that never goes out' at the end of the discos. The place just seems to be a hotbed of creativity in terms of music; they don't rest on the laurals of the past and there's some really exciting new music coming out of there right now. Here's some of my current Manchester faves.

Everything Everthing

There's a real lack of these guys stuff in physical form, i can't wait for the debut to drop. It's such an original sound, the music is guitar based, but manages to sound quite cut and pastey, the songs go though differnt sections, all liknked up by strong vocal harmonies whilst keeping a strong pop sensibility.

Dutch Uncles

I saw these guys play at the Rough trade record shop and was blown away by them, the lead singer is so fruity and pulls of these awkward dance moves. Their sound is spikey post punk, but like Everything Everything it has a real poppy feel. Buy their debut album, it's great.


Things have really taken off for this band now and although i wasn't too keen when i saw them play (actual words: 'this is like Coldplay with synths') i've grown into them a bit more now. 'Doubt' is one of their better songs; i think it works for them doing more understated records, some of their other stuff is a bit hands in the air anthem-y..

Friday, 19 March 2010

Holy Ghost take on Friendly Fires!

Two of the current day punk-funk greats come together on a recent 12" to cover each others most successful tracks to date; Hold On and On Board. Im a big fan of Holy Ghost as a band and as producers with some of their remixes for the likes of MGMT, Cut Copy & In Flagranti always staples in my record bag.

Both covers are great, but if I had to pick a favourite I'd go with the Holy Ghost cover of 'On Board' as its a more playful take on the original and anyone who is able to feat the DFA celestial choir has my vote anyday!

All four tracks are well worph getting on 12" or downloading and you get a really nice dub version of the holy ghost cover thrown in. Board (feat The DFA Celestial Choir Original Mix.mp3

As an extra treat here is a Holy Ghost Re-edit of 'Get On The Floor' by the late Michael Jackson, enjoy! Jackson- Get On The Floor.m4a

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


The best promo vid of the year? The biggest song off their l.p. and this is what they have given mtv to promote it.. I love Hot Chip, we need more bands like them.. x


Phew… just returned from four days in Berlin and it was defiantly one to remember! From previously going in the summer, being hit by the Russian winter this time round had us diving into bars between snow storms and then wobbling in and out of art galleries during the daytime.

At night was where it really took off, just going for one big night out over the course of the trip was the plan, but the end of day one, we were in a taxi off to the Berghain.. We arrived to find only half the club was open but it was enough to realise what an amazing building and club it is. It appears derelict on the outside, but inside houses an amazing sound system, great lighting and really interesting use of space. Music played on the night was less techno than expected and instead just good quality house music, the crowd was great and I left without burning too much of a hole in my pocket.

Come Saturday night, we were back at the Berghain in an impressively sized queue waiting to get in, this time round the whole club was open (dark rooms and all). From getting in at 2am, the music was spot on from the start. In the main room the DJ was playing minimal techno with all the right climaxes and breakdowns, along with some really nice stand out tracks. Posted below is one of the tracks played on the night, its by Steadycam and its a relatively old release on Kompakt record label. It’s a real builder and had the whole room going off.

http:// In The Moog For Love.m4a In The Moog For Love.m4a

I would recommend the Berghain to anyone who hasn't been before, I know we all want to go back!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Hey, our launch night for the club night is Saturday 3rd April @ The Red Lion, Jewellery quarter. All the info/ directions can be found on our Facebook group page
Join us!

A brand new clubnight in an exciting fresh venue from the same people involved in nights Hott Date, Death@Ressurection and Mosco Disco. An intimate tarted up boozer, sister pub to The lord Clifton- we'll be taking up residency upstairs and down. The pub's plastered with urban art and has a fantastic selection of drinks.

Downstairs (music that doesn't add up) Expect electronica, post punk, psyche, cosmic disco. In the small bar area downstairs expect to hear the dustier side of our record collections in a more relaxed atmosphere. As the warmer months approach this venture will be taken outside to red lions fantastic intimate courtyard for a more up tempo Balearic vibe.
Upstairs (music that works out) expect a full throttle party mix; house, disco and techno but also redited party classics, rock and roll and everything in between

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Hey, here's a minimix Tussle Djs (two thirds of the Jocko Homo soundsystem) put together for our friends Chick's Dig Jerk's excellent radio show on Rhubarb radio. It's a mix of some of the sounds that excite us squeezed into 10 minutes.

Chick's Dig Jerk's radioshow is on Thursdays at 8.00pm.

Don Armando- I'm an Indian too (Pillooski mix)
The Hundred in the hand- Dressed in Dresdon
Friendly Fires- Jump in he pool (Wild Geese mix)
Skat Bros.- Walk the night
The Shake up connection- Burning up
Rolling Stones- Gimmie shelter
Akufen- Jeep sex
Joy Orbison- Wet look
Tom Tom Club- Wordy Rappinghood
Radioactive Man- Kristiina
The Kills- No wow
The Units- High pressure days (Rory Phillips mix)
Mark E. Smith interview outro

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hello, welcome to the JOCKO HOMO blog, let's kick off with some new music shall we..

Lone Lady is one of Warp records latest signings, she made her debut album 'Nerve up' in a warehouse space in Ancoats Manchester; a place pretty much untouched by Manchester's redevelopments. It's a rather wonderful album, although not what i expected after reading reviews saying it was a feminine revoking of the post-punk masters of that area (Joy Division, The Fall, Durutti Column.) Although it takes on elements of that it also takes on an American sound, recalling Patti Smith and early R.E.M, as well incorporating the primitive electronic feel from early releases on her record label Warp. Here's a taster, go buy the album..

Thinking about early Warp releases, here's on from Polygon Window (a.k.a. Aphex Twin) from the album 'Surfing on sine waves.' It has that great primitive analogue sound and a wonderful melody. Somehow it's dancey and ambient at the same time, a favourite of mine..