Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Phew… just returned from four days in Berlin and it was defiantly one to remember! From previously going in the summer, being hit by the Russian winter this time round had us diving into bars between snow storms and then wobbling in and out of art galleries during the daytime.

At night was where it really took off, just going for one big night out over the course of the trip was the plan, but the end of day one, we were in a taxi off to the Berghain.. We arrived to find only half the club was open but it was enough to realise what an amazing building and club it is. It appears derelict on the outside, but inside houses an amazing sound system, great lighting and really interesting use of space. Music played on the night was less techno than expected and instead just good quality house music, the crowd was great and I left without burning too much of a hole in my pocket.

Come Saturday night, we were back at the Berghain in an impressively sized queue waiting to get in, this time round the whole club was open (dark rooms and all). From getting in at 2am, the music was spot on from the start. In the main room the DJ was playing minimal techno with all the right climaxes and breakdowns, along with some really nice stand out tracks. Posted below is one of the tracks played on the night, its by Steadycam and its a relatively old release on Kompakt record label. It’s a real builder and had the whole room going off.

http:// In The Moog For Love.m4a In The Moog For Love.m4a

I would recommend the Berghain to anyone who hasn't been before, I know we all want to go back!

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