Saturday, 25 September 2010


Pete and Jonny have put a special full length, full throttle mix together for your listening delight. We've tried to encapsulate the kind of set you might hear at one of the JOCKO HOMO clubnights within the space of 60 minutes. PLAY LOUD x

1.Prince- Sign O' The Times
2.INXS- Need you tonight (loop)
3.Dillinger- Funky Punk (acapella)
4.George Kranz- Din da da
5.Crystal Castles- Empathy (loop)
6.The Cure- Let's go to bed (edit)
7.Pete Herbert- Yo drums
8.E.L.O- Don't bring me down
9.Amerie- 1 thing (instrumental)
10.Cassie- Me & You (Pete Jocko edit)
11.Drums Of Death- Breathe (loop)
12.Curtis McClain- Let's get busy
13.Runaway- Brooklin club jam (Lsb re-edit)
14.FCL- More than seven (Dub)
15.Fleetwood Mac- Dreams (Jonny Homo edit)
16.Neurotic Drum band- Robotic Hypnotic Adventure (Abe Duque mix)
17.Aretha Franklin- Rocksteady
18.Forepost Poets- Moonraker (Spencer Parker mix)
19.A Guy Called Gerald- Voodoo ray (loop)
20.The Cramps- Garbageman
21.Round table Knights- Caylpso
22.The Temptations- Papa was a Rolling stone (Jonny Homo edit)
23.Plasticman- Spastik
24.Shangri La's- Set me free
25.Allez Allez- Defeatest
26.Saints & Sinners- Pushin' too hard (Nic Fanciulli mix)
27.First Choice- Let no man put assunder (accapella)
28.Man 2 Man- Male stripper (loop)
29.Sparks- Beat the clock
30.Jackie Moore- This time baby

..Hecker-Hyperbolic cosine yea II
..Johnny Cash- Get rhythm

(Tracks 1-14 Pete, 15-30 Jonny)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tim Sweeney's Flying Squad!

As I was sifting through my records recently, I came across the first Rvng of the nrds 12" that I picked up a while ago. It has two of Jocko Homo's favourite disco tracks re-edited by Tim Sweeney, better known for his beats in space radio show, under the moniker of the Flying Squad. 'Trip 1' deals with Munich Machine's 'Get on the funk train' and 'Trip 2' re-works Boney M's 'Nightflight to Venus'.
Trip 1

Trip 2

Ripped from vinyl for your listening pleasure, enjoy!

PJ x


You can almost forget about sexism, homophobia and child abuse when there's punk-funk grooves this good. Praise the big man all together now, HE'S THE POPE!