Saturday, 31 July 2010

Early House

I'm putting together a mix at the moment and started playing some old house records, I love the raw energy of the first wave of house music; analogue synth sounds, primitave drum machines, hypnotic loops. Here's a couple of my favourites from that time, both of them still sounding as fresh and as relevant as ever..

Fast Eddie- Acid Thunder

Rythim is rythim- The Dance

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shocking Re-Edit

This is a re-edit I did of Love Buzz by Shocking Blue. Not wanting to tamper too much with an already great track, I just made it a little bit more DJ friendly. Buzz Re-work.mp3

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Hey, here's a little DJ tool/edit that i made of 'Get back' by a certain liverpudlian four piece..

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

July Resident Mini Mix 01

Pete drops a 20 minute mini mix as a taster for JOCKO HOMO this friday at the Victoria Pub in Birmingham.

1. Betsy Smell (Intro)
2. DJ Harvey- SE
3. How do I love thee (Instrumental)
4. K7- Come Baby Come (Edit)
5. Get To My Baby (TBD Extension)
6. Reade Truth- Let's Go To Heaven
7. Vienna Boy's Choir- Burning Down The House
8. Fleetwood Mac- Tusk (Edit)
9. James Curd- We Just Won't Stop (Edit)
10. Theoretical Girls- US Millie
11. Betty Botox- Is It S'ex Yr After
12. FCL- Let's Go
13. In Flagranti- Clash Torn
14. Glimmer Twins- Physical
15. In Flagranti- Low Dose Virility (Edit)
16. Betsy Smell (Outro)

Enjoy x PJ