Sunday, 21 March 2010

New Manchester

I was in Manchester this weekend and i have to admit i get very jelous of the music scene there whenever i go. Whether that be it's rich musical past, the record shops, the gigs or just not feeling part of it when everyone's singing their hearts out to 'There is a light that never goes out' at the end of the discos. The place just seems to be a hotbed of creativity in terms of music; they don't rest on the laurals of the past and there's some really exciting new music coming out of there right now. Here's some of my current Manchester faves.

Everything Everthing

There's a real lack of these guys stuff in physical form, i can't wait for the debut to drop. It's such an original sound, the music is guitar based, but manages to sound quite cut and pastey, the songs go though differnt sections, all liknked up by strong vocal harmonies whilst keeping a strong pop sensibility.

Dutch Uncles

I saw these guys play at the Rough trade record shop and was blown away by them, the lead singer is so fruity and pulls of these awkward dance moves. Their sound is spikey post punk, but like Everything Everything it has a real poppy feel. Buy their debut album, it's great.


Things have really taken off for this band now and although i wasn't too keen when i saw them play (actual words: 'this is like Coldplay with synths') i've grown into them a bit more now. 'Doubt' is one of their better songs; i think it works for them doing more understated records, some of their other stuff is a bit hands in the air anthem-y..

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